Sunday, 19 January 2014

Coming soon to an eBay listing near you...

I've been neglecting this blog for far too long! It's my old excuse of being too busy with everything else to post regularly here. But the time has come to get some info out to those interested in my collection, because a huge amount of it will be going for sale on eBay over the next several months including a lot of 1960's stuff as well as a few from as far back as the 1950's.
   The main reasons are a lack of time to enjoy these artistic treasures and a lack of space to store them. 

   I am still currently listing early 1970's comics, mainly Marvel and DC, and will slowly work my way back in time to get to the more interesting stuff later in the year. Here's an idea of some of the titles that will be for sale in the coming months, most are from the mid to late 1960's:

Action Comics                   Hawkman
Adventure Comics              Incredible Hulk
Amazing Spider-Man           Journey Into Mystery (1st series)
Aquaman                          Justice League of America
Avengers                          Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos
Batman                            Showcase
Captain America                Silver Surfer
Captain Marvel                  Sub-Mariner
Daredevil                          Superman
Detective Comics               Tales of Suspense
Fantastic Four                   Tales to Astonish
Flash                               Thor
Green Lantern                   Wonder Woman

and many lesser titles covering genres such as Humor, War, Western, Romance, and a few TV tie-ins.

Selling this little lot should clear a bit of shelf space!

   More detailed information will be posted nearer to the eBay listing dates.


  1. Oh Wow I didn't know Disney did a comic of Zorro - I Loved that movie as a kid - Wow you are going to have some great stuff coming up - and room for more goodies on your shelves too! :)

  2. Hi Tiggy! Yes it's time for a clear out and make room for other stuff. Disney licensed a lot of films through Gold Key and Dell Comics. I don't have many of them but there's a large catalog of comics of old films that are sought after by not only by comic collectors but by film memorabilia collectors and, not least, by Disney collectors too. It should do well, when I eventually get to list it!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  3. Hi Brian!
    and wow! So you are into comics also! That is great!
    I love comics! Went down to see your blog and it looks SO Interesting!
    Have you had any Modesty Blaise comics? I had a collection of them, but I sold it to someone...every now and then I miss that collection very much.
    What I now have is a very small collection of Mutts -series and quite a big collection of Disney: Donald Duck in Finnish: Aku Ankka!

    1. Hi Kikka!
      I've actually been neglecting this blog for a while now, pure laziness on my part!
      I'm sad to say I've never had any Modesty Blaise comics. The originals are hard to come by and can cost a small fortune to buy. Maybe when I've finally got my finances sorted out I might look for them.
      For me comics have the same nostalgia value as Lego. It's stuff I had as a kid and want back just for the memories!
      You've educated me, Aku Ankka, I'll remember that!
      Kind regards, Brian.

  4. Thanks for your comments and your visits to my blog, you're very kind.
    I ... well, my husband has a lot of comics of the 70s! I never thought I would have so much fan ellos.Es working people have to list as many different editions, will be very entertaining, but I'm sure that you enjoy your work.
    A greeting.Mónica

    1. Thank you Monica! I do enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by!
      Kind regards, Brian.

  5. Greetings Brian - We just watched the movie "Unbreakable" again and we kept thinking about you and were wondering if you love this movie as much as we do? I don't know of many movies that offer such interesting perspectives and tributes to collecting, so would love to know what you thought of this film - LuV, TiGGy and crew

  6. Hi Tiggy! I saw 'Unbreakable' at the cinema when it came out in 2000 or 2001, I loved it! A guy born inherently weak searches for his opposite, a guy born inherently strong, what the world would call a 'Super hero' is a unique idea and the leads of Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson made it a 'must see' for me. I liked the twist that Jackson's character, while trying to find the super-hero, became the equivalent of the bad guy, causing the disasters which killed hundreds of people.
    I thinks it's quite a cool twist that Jackson, years later, goes on to portray Nick Fury in the Marvel films (even though, for the purists, Nick Fury in the comics is a white guy!!) My only little criticism of the film is that it is a bit long and would have been better being 20 minutes shorter, but I'm not taking anything away from a great film, one that I have still not managed to buy!!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  7. Oh I am so Glad you liked this film too! Its rare that there is a film that truly attempts to portray a particular interest in such a fascinating way. While I am not as knowledgable about comics art, the scene where Jackson throws out the guy trying to buy the work for his 5 year old had me sooo Laugh! I also really enjoyed how the shots were framed with things like the seats in the train to always be giving the effect of the borders that a comic book will have. So many nuances, I read some really great ones in someones review on IMDB you would surely enjoy. I found myself inspired throughout the film by how comics can have one reevaluate and consider the individual gifts each of us have in new ways. I am really happy to hear you so enjoyed the film and very much hope you are back soon with full internet access!

  8. I hope to win a few of your items in the following weeks/months! Its a shame your selling them :-(

    1. Hi Peter! You are more then welcome to bid, I have some on ebay right now.
      I always had the intention of using this blog to show / describe the comics I'm selling in more detail but I never seem to have the time to do it, but I will try my best in future!
      Kind regards, Brian.