Saturday, 19 October 2013

Flying Saucers Target Thor!!!

That is one of the best titles I've come up with!

Target Comics Volume 6  #4 - June 1945 - Novelty Press
The series ran for around nine and a half years spanning
virtually all of the 1940's.
I have three comics from this title and they are some of the
best condition 1940's comics I own. 
Thor #158 - November 1968 - Marvel
This issue had the origin of what was one of Marvel's long-
haracters. The title started at #126, it was called
'Journey Into Mystery' for the first 125 issues. Thor lasted into
the late 1990's when lots of Marvel comics were revamped and
started new series from number 1 again.

I love the late 1960's Thors. They had a look about them that was never quite matched by any other comic. 
UFO Flying Saucers #1 - October 1968 - Gold Key
The title was published fairly erratically over seven years,
managing only 13 issues until it changed name to
'UFO & Outer Space' in the late 1970's.
Supposedly based on real stories, it's a fun read, even if you don't
believe UFO's exist!


  1. Oh Wow, they are All CooL but TiGGs wants to HoP into that Flying Saucer one - Thats Awesome Art!

    1. Hi Tiggy! The back cover was the same as the front but without any wording except 'Pin up page' I don't know how many people would have actually cut the back cover off to stick on their wall and render the comic valueless! Kind regards, Brian.

  2. I love the UFO cover, Brian, it really encapsulated the fears of the time. Whenever I see lovingly created pieces like this, I always imagine the artist sitting hunched over his desk in the small hours of the morning and producing his heart onto paper.

    All best wishes

    1. Hi Karl! There's no denying (as you know yourself) most artists put their heart and soul into their work. It would be such a shame if they didn't enjoy it, having that kind of talent and using it just to pick up a pay cheque, without loving what they are creating. I'm glad you enjoy your work, don't ever change!! Kind regards, Brian.

  3. LOL I was just noticing "Where do they come from - what do they want? Hairy CaveMans Blog!" LOL!!!! But of Course they Do!

    I cant help wondering, what if you hung up the entire comic on the wall and just kept the back page visible, but the rest of it safely behind glass? That artwork just super RocKs!