Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tales of Super-Dooper Sub-Mariner!

It's been a long time since I showed any of my collection so here's a little look at a few more!
  There's a couple of 1960's Marvels and a much rarer 'Able Manufacturing Co' comic. It's not actually a rare comic but I'd never seen one before I bought it several years ago and I haven't seen one since. So, at least in the UK, it's very hard to find.

Sub-Mariner #1 - May 1968 - Marvel
A revamp of the 1940's Super Hero, Namor was always a
hero/villain figure, helping beat the bad guys but frequently
kicking the ass of the surface dwellers because of their
disregard for his home, the ocean.
The character didn't really catch on with me but it's always nice
to have a number 1!
Super-Dooper Comics #8 - 1946 - Able Manufacturing Co.
This was a short-lived series totaling 8 issues, all published in 1946.
This issue reprinted a Super Hero story featuring Shock Gibson
along with some original materiel.
The low grade  paper coves of comics like this wear away much more
 easily than the usual glossy paper most comics have.

Tales of Suspense 44 - August 1963 - Marvel
This long running series was the debut comic of many Marvel
characters including Iron Man, the Black Widow and Hawkeye.
This was the 5th appearance of Iron Man, still in his very bulky
gold armor before the much more stylish and practical red/yellow
suit was introduced.
A bit of a fuss was made over the fact Marvel couldn't spell
'Pharaoh' correctly, not only on the cover but throughout the story!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Comics on eBay (at last.....)

Okay, as promised in my last post, (and over a month ago!) I've finally got some comics, along with some books my wife has finished with, onto eBay! If you're interested in bidding you can find my selling page here. As usual I post anywhere in the world and always send items with insurance if shipping outside the UK.
Good luck to anyone thinking of bidding!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bloggers Anonymous

Me: Hello, my name's Brian and I'm a blogger.
Small anonymous crowd: * Hello Brian.*

Me: It's over a month since my last blog.
* Ripple of applause. *

Me: I meant to blog a couple of times a week but things like holidays and work got in the way.
* Quiet snort of derision, cunningly disguised as a sneeze. * 

Me: I know I said I'd put some comics on eBay but I really didn't have the time.
* A few murmurs of 'yeah, right' and much head shaking.  *

Me: I promise I will do the things I said I would do in the very near future.
* Phrases such as: Who are you kidding!? and 'Pull the other one, it's got sausages on it' emanate from the crowd.*

Me: I also promise to blog much more regularly.
* Shouts of 'I'll believe it when I read it!!' and 'Don't make promises you can't keep!' echo around the room. *

Me: Alright then, starting tomorrow, I'll show you....I'll finally list the comics on eBay I said I would about four weeks ago....I promise!!
* Raucous laughter and rolling around on the floor *

Me: Just wait......