Monday, 15 July 2013

Single Strange Planet Adventures!!

Finally, after about a month I managed to post something! I've had a hectic time at work and my Lego blog seems to take up any spare time I seem to have, which ain't a lot!
  Anyway, continuing a browse through my collection I have two science-fiction and a fact comic to show:

Single Series #15 -'How It Began' - 1939 - United Features Syndicate
A run of 28 issues covering all kinds of genres from humor
to adventure to fact.
This is my oldest comic book, and sadly it is in a brittle state!
Strange Adventures #168 - September 1964 - DC
A classic long-running title that started in 1950 and ended in
1973 with issue 244.
This is one of many comics in my collection with the annoying
'Pence Stamp' that a lot of American comics from the sixties and
seventies managed to get on entering the UK market.
Strange Planets #18 - 1964 - Super Comics
Along with 'I.W. Enterprises', Super Comics managed to reprint
many stories from the 1940's, sometimes under the materiel's
original comic book title or in a new one such as this. Contents varied
from history to mystery and classic tales such as Robin Hood.


  1. Wow - can you share some pics from that Jester Clown comic? That looks so Cool - as do all of these - TiGGs Loves the women ruling things in the last one LOL!

    Wow, no wonder you needed a break after the Awesome Treat of sharing that whole story - Thanks so Much!

  2. Hi Tiggy! I'll see what I can do with the Clown story. It might take a while!! Kind regards, Brian.