Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Death of Agatha Slurl

Something a bit different today! This is one of my all-time favorite comic book stories, plucked from issue 9 of 'Spellbound' published by Atlas comics in November 1952, and presented here panel for panel. I loved the ending which I certainly didn't see coming!

The covers didn't always reflect the story exactly!
Atlas produced many mystery / suspense / horror titles and the stories were sometimes imaginative, sometimes witty or humorous, and sometimes downright weird! All that changed when the Comics Code Authority came into being and stories were toned down just so the comics could continue being  published. This issue was produced after the code came into effect meaning scenes of violence were only implied or omitted altogether. I don't think it spoils the story too much.

Apologies for the inconsistent picture size and the odd weird picture angle!

Enjoy 'The Death of Agatha Slurl' !!

So there you go! It was a liddle biddy dog all along!!

Normal service will be resumed next post!


  1. oooh OOOh OOOOOH! I Loved This - Halfway through when the narration mentioned her following on purpose w the vacuum TiGGy suddenly SToMPed and said it Had to be a pet - but we didnt know which till the very end - AweSome - what a CooL way to share comix - Thanks so Much for all the hard work - it was Enjoyed Immensely!!!

    1. Well done Tiggy! I didn't guess it for a second! Glad you liked it. Kind regards, Brian.