Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Death of Agatha Slurl

Something a bit different today! This is one of my all-time favorite comic book stories, plucked from issue 9 of 'Spellbound' published by Atlas comics in November 1952, and presented here panel for panel. I loved the ending which I certainly didn't see coming!

The covers didn't always reflect the story exactly!
Atlas produced many mystery / suspense / horror titles and the stories were sometimes imaginative, sometimes witty or humorous, and sometimes downright weird! All that changed when the Comics Code Authority came into being and stories were toned down just so the comics could continue being  published. This issue was produced after the code came into effect meaning scenes of violence were only implied or omitted altogether. I don't think it spoils the story too much.

Apologies for the inconsistent picture size and the odd weird picture angle!

Enjoy 'The Death of Agatha Slurl' !!

So there you go! It was a liddle biddy dog all along!!

Normal service will be resumed next post!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Silver Shadow Showcase!

For once the post header actually sounds like a Comic Book title!!

Two Super-Hero and a war comic from three publishers. This little lot includes my pride and joy, the rarest comic in my collection! I bought it around 8 years ago for £200, which at the time was around $300 US. Compared to some collections this is nothing, but with my budget, it's a fortune!! I actually bought it from money obtained after the sale of my parents house when they died so I call it my TYMAD comic (Thank You Mom And Dad). If I ever sell all my comics, this will be the one that stays!

Shadow Comics Vol 2 #2 - January 1942 - Street & Smith
The title ran for nearly 100 issues from the early to late 1940's.
The Overstreet Guide says this issue is rare, 10 - 20 copies exist.
I don't know if they know about my copy but  is without a doubt
one of  my most valuable issues! This is my TYMAD comic!

Showcase #58 - September / October 1965 - DC
Showcase started in the mid 1950's and eventually ran for
104 issues
The title was, as it's title implies, a showcase comic for different
characters and ideas. It relaunched many of the silver-age
Super-Heroes and introduced a few new ones to the DC universe.
Silver Surfer #10 - November 1969 - Marvel
A firm fan favorite when it hit the stands in the late 1960's,
the title only ran for 18 issues.
The Silver Surfer found fame in the pages of the Fantastic Four,
first appearing in March 1966.