Monday, 20 May 2013

Red Queen of Science!!!

That's probably one of my better amalgamated titles!
Plowing through the alphabet of my comic collection I realize how few comics I own that start with 'R'! I must remedy that one day! I only have one comic starting with the letter 'Q', and here it is:

Queen of the West, Dale Evans #19 - April to June 1958 - Dell.
The title's run totaled 22 issues, the first two coming under the
'Four Color' banner.
One of the (very) few Cowgirls to get their own comic book!

Red Ryder Comics #110 - September 1952 - Dell.
A 17-year run totaling 151 issues, this was one of Dell's more
popular Western titles.

Science Comics #4 - July 1946 - Humor Publications.
A fact comic series that ran for 5 issues in the mid 1940's
My copy is in a very poor state, the covers have split in two
and the whole thing is falling to bits!


  1. Oh Wow, we have missed so Much! That Dale Evans is Breathtaking!

    1. They're quite hard to find, especially over here in the UK!