Saturday, 4 May 2013

Outlaws, Piracy and Out of This World

Maybe it's the wine I've had this evening but I REALLY can't think of a witty/humorous post title with those three comic book names. Sci-Fi, Pirates and Western themes abound in my next little selection!

First off I would like to shamelessly plug someone's blog and Facebook site.
Karl Dixon is a cartoonist / novelist and all round good guy. To see the stuff Karl can do cartoon and novel-wise, check out his blog, 'Diary of a Cartoonist and Writer' here! He has also set up a Facebook site for all the writers and artists out there that would like to get their work shown to a wider audience. Called 'All Our Own Work' you can check it out here!  Like it, support it and give a chance to loads of talented people who's work might otherwise never see the light of day to the general public. 

Okay, plug over and onto the comic books!

Outlaws vol 1 #2 - April / May 1948 - DS Publishing.
The title ran for 9 issues in the late 1940's.
The series built up a bit of a reputation for violent stories but 

always threw in a humor strip to lighten the mood!
Out of This World #8 - May 1958 - Charlton
The title ran for 16 issues, from the mid to late 1950's.
When I bought this comic, along with #7  in the mid 1990's 
were the oldest comics I'd ever owned. It's amazing how hard it can 
be to find pre-1960 comics in some UK comic shops!
Piracy #2 - December 1954 - January 1955 - EC
Piracy only ran for 7 issues in the mid 1950's.
One of my few EC comics, and the covers of this one are 

unattached to the comic and in two pieces!


  1. LOL just realized that TiGGy got so mesmerized on your friends links that we forgot to come back here and leave a message - Thank You for those awesome links!

    I always love how beautifully these covers look and that "Out of this World" one is Seriously Amazing!

  2. Hi Tiggy! It was the covers to comics that got me hooked on them in the first place. For me the weirder they are, the better!

  3. I so agree - the covers are Truly art! Really AmaZing, a whole world I really knew nothing about - Love how you display them sooo much!