Friday, 31 May 2013

Early June eBay auction stuff! ** UPDATED ** ☺

I'm finally getting around to listing more stuff on ebay including this small batch of comics. I'll hopefully have them live on Sunday evening (GMT) and will update this post with links to the listings soon after. There's quite a variety here: war, western, super-hero, sci-fi and monsters. As usual I'll ship anywhere in the world and combine postage for more than one item won.

UPDATE: You can see my listings by clicking here!! ☺ If you're thinking of bidding, good luck!

Butch Cassidy #2 - August 1971 - Skywald
Fine Minus condition. A bit of creasing near the spine.
Creatures on the Loose #11 - May 1971 - Marvel
Very Good condition. A few small creases on the covers and
down the spine. Pence stamp on the front.
Ka-Zar #2 - December 1970 - Marvel
Very good Plus condition. A couple of corner knocks and tiny
edge rips on the front along with a pence stamp.
Monsters on the Prowl #10 - April 1971 - Marvel
Very Good condition. A bit of roughness to the top edge and
corners and the back cover is a bit grubby. Pence cover.
New Gods #2 - April 1971 - DC
Good condition. Numerous creases and small rips on the
covers and down the spine. Grubby back with small pen
marks.  Pence stamp on the front.
Sgt. Fury #74 - January 1970 - Marvel
Very Good Minus condition. Some general wear, creasing and
small rips to the front cover.


  1. So are the ones without links displays of your collection, and with links just a few you are selling? TiGGs is determined to learn more about That Queen of the West - How CooL is That?!!!

    1. Hi Tiggy! Yep, you got it in one!! I'm concentrating my collecting on 1960's and earlier, there's just way too many to buy if I include the 1970's as well!

  2. Yes I bet its absolutely overwhelming unless you focus on a specific time period. TiGGs is delighted that you did indeed appreciate her leaping on those Brownies for you. We have been learning more about comics since visiting here, and its really such a diverse and nuanced field to collect in. As always, we enjoy how beautifully you display everyone - and TiGGs is Thrilled to have nailed it in one LOL!