Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mighty Mickey Finn, District Attorney!

Okay the title needs a bit of work....
   Today's little selection from my collection covers three different decades and three different publishers. I like a bit of variety! A couple of crime comics and the ever-present Super-Heroes plus a little bonus below.

Mickey Finn #12 - 1948 - Publication Enterprises
The title ran for 15 issues in the late 1940's then was revived for
2 issues in the early 1950's. Strips also included Sparky Watts and
Bo (a dog that talks to himself!)
Sadly my copy is in a poor state (as you can see!)
Mighty Comics Presents #43 - February 1967 - Radio Comics
The title ran from issue 40 to 50 having previously been
called 'Flyman'
Mr. District Attorney #67 - January / February 1959 - DC
Based on a radio and television series the title ran for 67 issues,
final issue shown above.
Finally a couple of pages from Mickey Finn showing one of my
favorite action sequences with not a word spoken until the end.
I love it when the pictures tell the story! Notice how the
background color changes from one panel to the next.


  1. Wow, your collection is just Astonishing - I Really love it that you shared that action sequence, and had us note how the background changing does indeed add to the sense of momentum. Also, I think that Mickey Finn comic is really awesome, TiGGy has a thing for Police uniforms so in our book its Very CooL!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Tiggy! I'm glad your enjoying them.