Friday, 26 April 2013

Late April eBay comics.

A slightly larger than normal selection of comics for eBay this time because I seem to have less and less time for eBaying and blogging which is annoying 'coz I love doing both! I will post links to the eBay items when they go live which will hopefully be early Sunday evening (UK time).

Astonishing Tales #3 - December 1970 - Very Good Plus condition. The covers are s bit dented and grubby and there are small creases down the spine. Pence cover.

DC Special #11 - March / April 1971 - Very Good Minus condition. The covers have numerous small creases and dents and one or two small rips. The back cover is a bit grubby. There is a pence stamp on the front cover.

Not Brand Echh #8 - June 1968 - Good Minus condition. This one is a bit of a gap filler. The cover is loose from the comic on the bottom staple, a fair few creases, dents and small rips and some general grubbiness. There is a stain on the back cover and what looks like sticker damage. There is a pence stamp on the front. Other than that it's perfect! 

Ringo Kid #6 - November 1970 - Very Good Minus condition. The usual small rips and creases, mainly down the spine. The back is grubby and has a water stain at the top. Two pence stamps on the front.

Sgt. Fury #78 - May 1970 - Fine condition. There is a shallow crease down the front cover and a few other small ones. The back cover has a couple of small stains.

Witching Hour #9 - June / July 1970 - Very Good condition. There are numerous small cuts at the bottom of the front cover that extends into the first few pages of the comic. The spine has a bit of damage at the bottom.

That's it for now but I will be putting a second batch on eBay probably midweek next week. I'll give a preview of them nearer the time.


  1. I so Love seeing these great pics of your comic books - TiGGy wants that Monsters one soooo Bad!

  2. Ahh, so Tiggy is into monsters eh? I'm learning new things every day!!