Sunday, 28 April 2013

Late april eBay links!

Just a quick post to mention the links for the comics shown in my last post.

You can find my selling page here.

As usual I will post anywhere in the world and will always send within 3 working days.

If you're interested, good luck and happy bidding!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Late April eBay comics.

A slightly larger than normal selection of comics for eBay this time because I seem to have less and less time for eBaying and blogging which is annoying 'coz I love doing both! I will post links to the eBay items when they go live which will hopefully be early Sunday evening (UK time).

Astonishing Tales #3 - December 1970 - Very Good Plus condition. The covers are s bit dented and grubby and there are small creases down the spine. Pence cover.

DC Special #11 - March / April 1971 - Very Good Minus condition. The covers have numerous small creases and dents and one or two small rips. The back cover is a bit grubby. There is a pence stamp on the front cover.

Not Brand Echh #8 - June 1968 - Good Minus condition. This one is a bit of a gap filler. The cover is loose from the comic on the bottom staple, a fair few creases, dents and small rips and some general grubbiness. There is a stain on the back cover and what looks like sticker damage. There is a pence stamp on the front. Other than that it's perfect! 

Ringo Kid #6 - November 1970 - Very Good Minus condition. The usual small rips and creases, mainly down the spine. The back is grubby and has a water stain at the top. Two pence stamps on the front.

Sgt. Fury #78 - May 1970 - Fine condition. There is a shallow crease down the front cover and a few other small ones. The back cover has a couple of small stains.

Witching Hour #9 - June / July 1970 - Very Good condition. There are numerous small cuts at the bottom of the front cover that extends into the first few pages of the comic. The spine has a bit of damage at the bottom.

That's it for now but I will be putting a second batch on eBay probably midweek next week. I'll give a preview of them nearer the time.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Greatest Mystery Funnies!!

Nope, I still can't come up with a great title, oh well!
My latest little selection has fantasy, mystery and funny animals all from different decades and all from different publishers. 
I'm hoping to have a bit of a sale blow-out on eBay this weekend, if I ever get round to it.. A fair few comics from the early to mid 1970's from most genres will be up for grabs. I'll post here again soon with more info and a preview of what will be on offer.

My Greatest Adventure #57 - July 1961 - DC
The title ran for 85 issues from the mid 1950's to the mid 1960's
My copy is in a sorry state, both covers have detached from the
comic and each other!
Mystery Tales #26 - February 1955 - Atlas
This was the last pre-Comic Code issue after which all the stories
were toned down to comply with the new rules supposedly to
protect America's youth from violence and immorality!
This was one of my first ever Atlas comics.
New Funnies # 93 - November 1944 - Dell
The title ran for 20 years and showcased many well-loved and
well-known characters such as Woody Woodpecker and Felix the Cat.
Do you think any publisher would get away with a Li'l Eight Ball
character these days?!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mighty Mickey Finn, District Attorney!

Okay the title needs a bit of work....
   Today's little selection from my collection covers three different decades and three different publishers. I like a bit of variety! A couple of crime comics and the ever-present Super-Heroes plus a little bonus below.

Mickey Finn #12 - 1948 - Publication Enterprises
The title ran for 15 issues in the late 1940's then was revived for
2 issues in the early 1950's. Strips also included Sparky Watts and
Bo (a dog that talks to himself!)
Sadly my copy is in a poor state (as you can see!)
Mighty Comics Presents #43 - February 1967 - Radio Comics
The title ran from issue 40 to 50 having previously been
called 'Flyman'
Mr. District Attorney #67 - January / February 1959 - DC
Based on a radio and television series the title ran for 67 issues,
final issue shown above.
Finally a couple of pages from Mickey Finn showing one of my
favorite action sequences with not a word spoken until the end.
I love it when the pictures tell the story! Notice how the
background color changes from one panel to the next.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Early April eBay items.

These comics are now live on eBay. Links can be found under the relevant pictures. This is only a short post because Blogger just lost what I spent an hour preparing. Thanks a lot Blogger! More details with each listing. 

Ka-Zar #3 - March 1971 - Marvel
Good Plus condition.
See listing here.

Fear #4 - July 1971 - Marvel
Good Plus condition.
See listing here.
House of Mystery #185 - March/April 1970 - DC
Fine condition.
See listing here.