Sunday, 24 March 2013

Maverick Men Against Spike and Tyke!!

Western, crime and a helping of funny animals make up this little selection, you can't say I don't like a bit of variety!

Maverick #14 - January - March 1961 - Dell
Maverick's first six issues were under the 'Four Color' banner and the
title lasted until issue 19.
This issue was the last of the James Garner / Jack Kelly covers.
James Garner was replaced by Roger Moore until issue 18.
Men Against Crime #4 - April 1951 - Humor Publications (Ace Magazines)
The title was called 'Mr Risk'  for issues 1 and 2, and later became
 'Hand of Fate' from issue 8.
MGM's Spike and Tyke #22 - June - August 1960 - Dell
This started and ended life as a 'Four Color' title with 21 issues under
it's own name in between. 

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