Monday, 18 February 2013

Lawbreakers Love Magic Agent!!!

Another diverse selection of comic books, crime and romance from three different publishers and three different decades! My older comics are in a pretty poor state with scribbles, shop stamps and creases everywhere, but at least they were affordable! 

Lawbreakers Always Lose # 8 - June 1949 - Marvel
The series only lasted for 10 issues between 1948 and 1949.
This was Marvel before it became Atlas, before it became Marvel!
Love Experiences #22 - December 1953 - Ace Periodicals
A run of 38 issues interrupted at issue 6 when the title suddenly
became 'Challenge of the Unknown'. #7 of Love Experiences came
10 months later and the title lasted until mid-1956.
Magic Agent #3 - May/June 1962 - ACG
This 3-issue run introduced John Force who went on to guest star in
later issues of 'Forbidden Worlds' and 'Unknown Worlds' 

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