Saturday, 23 February 2013

Late February eBay comics.

My latest little batch of comics is already live on eBay. Links are below the pictures. If you're thinking of bidding, good luck!

Marvel Super-Heroes 24 - January 1970 - Marvel.
Reprints early Daredevil and X-Men.
This is in a pretty poor state. The binding at the bottom has come
away from all the pages and there is a rip on the front cover.
Gap filler!
eBay listing: here!
Monsters on the Prowl 12 - August 1971 - Marvel.
Reprints Atlas horror and sci-fi tales.
Fairly low grade copy with a rip on the spine from the top to the
first staple, a price sticker on the back and  some white tape holding
the top of the back cover to the rest of the comic (wasn't  me!!)
eBay listing: here!

New Gods 3 - June/July 1971 - DC
Jack Kirby at his best!
Lowish grade, mainly due to the fact someone (again, not me!!)
put tape inside the covers  and onto the comic.
eBay listing: here!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Lawbreakers Love Magic Agent!!!

Another diverse selection of comic books, crime and romance from three different publishers and three different decades! My older comics are in a pretty poor state with scribbles, shop stamps and creases everywhere, but at least they were affordable! 

Lawbreakers Always Lose # 8 - June 1949 - Marvel
The series only lasted for 10 issues between 1948 and 1949.
This was Marvel before it became Atlas, before it became Marvel!
Love Experiences #22 - December 1953 - Ace Periodicals
A run of 38 issues interrupted at issue 6 when the title suddenly
became 'Challenge of the Unknown'. #7 of Love Experiences came
10 months later and the title lasted until mid-1956.
Magic Agent #3 - May/June 1962 - ACG
This 3-issue run introduced John Force who went on to guest star in
later issues of 'Forbidden Worlds' and 'Unknown Worlds' 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Mid-February eBay stuff.

I thought it was about time I put more comics for sale on eBay, so here they are. They will be listed tonight (Sunday 10th Feb) for one week. I'll add links to the listings when they go live.

UPDATE: Now on eBay! Links: ConanAmazing Adventures and Blazing Six-Guns

Conan the Barbarian #5 - May 1971 - Marvel.
Good condition. This would have been graded as Fine, but three
centre pages are loose from both staples!  It is complete though.
I have never really been a sword and sorcery fan, the genre never
appealed to me, so I'm quite happy to let this go.
(Sorry Conan fans!)

Amazing Adventures #5 - March 1971 - Marvel
Very Good- condition. A bit of creasing on the covers and a slight
sun shadow across the top of the front cover and down the spine.
This has a 'old money' cover (shillings and pence)

Blazing Six-Guns #1 - February 1971 - Skywald
Very Good- condition.  Top and bottom of the spine have worn
away and the back cover is a bi t grubby.
There will be more Skywald westerns coming to eBay in the future.