Saturday, 19 January 2013

Marvel Westerns and Humor for eBay.

Three more comic books are now live on eBay, this time, as the post title suggests, they're a couple of Westerns and a humor title. Not Brand Echh is the first comic I've put on eBay from the 1960's. During my latest comic rationalization exercise I decided not to collect humor or funny animal comics from the 1960's which give me a bit more stock to sell and a bit less to buy! If you feel like a bid here's the links: Not Brand Echh 11 , Rawhide Kid 90 and Ringo Kid 9

Not Brand Echh #11 - December 1968
Good Minus condition. The main problems are
a rip at the bottom of the spine and some cup
rings on the front cover.
The title ran for 13 issues in the late 1960's.

Ringo Kid #9 - May 1971.
In Fine Minus condition.
The title ran for 30 issues from January 1970.

Rawhide Kid #90 - 1971
Good condition. Some water rippling and stains.
The title ran for 151 issues starting with Atlas in 1955.


  1. I can't believe I missed the Brand Euch bid...I remember them when they came out in the UK; absolutely brilliant

  2. Hi Karl, worry not, I have a couple more Not Brand Echh's that I will put on eBay when I finally get around to finding them! I believe one of them is #1.....Watch this space!