Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Justice, Justice, Justice!

That's probably the most uninventive post title I've ever come up with! Yes, all the titles this month have 'Justice' in them covering Crime and Super-Hero genres. 

Justice Comics#8 - February 1949 - Marvel Comics
The title lasted 52 issues from late 1947 until early 1955.
This is another example of Timely/ Marvel/Atlas's sometimes-quirky
numbering system. There are two number 8's, the first one actually
being issue 2 and this one the bona-fide issue 8.

Justice Traps the Guilty #69 - December 1954 - Prize Comics
This long running title lasted for 92 issues spanning over 10 years.
Allegedly all the stories were based on real cases. Reading these
stories gives you doubts!  

Justice League of America #20 - June 1963 - DC
The title started way back in 1960 and lasted 27 years finishing
with #261 in 1987.
The early numbers of this title are still surprisingly easy to find in
good condition, a testament to the popularity of the title in
it's first few years.

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