Thursday, 3 January 2013

Journey Into Palooka!

Happy new year! I haven't managed to post anything over the holidays, way too much to do! Normal service should now be resumed.

Joe Palooka #115 - June 1960 - Harvey
This long running title managed 118 issues from 1945 to 1961.

Journey into Mystery #114 - March 1965 - Marvel
The title ran for 125 issues and introduced Thor into the
Marvel Universe.

Journey into Unknown Worlds # 57 - May 1957 - Atlas
In one of those weird Marvel histories, this title was originally
'Teen Comic'. After the title change the numbering carried on for
the first three issues (#36 - #38). The numbering then restarted at issue 4 and lasted until 1957, finishing with #59.
With two issue #36, 37 and 38's, it can get a bit confusing!

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