Sunday, 6 January 2013

Early January Bronze Age eBay Auction.

Finally getting back to normality after the holidays and it's time to get the eBay auctions up and running. This small selection is, for once, Super-Hero-less! They will be listed tomorrow evening for 7 days and as usual I will post anywhere in the world. 
  I'll post links to the listings tomorrow when the auctions go live.

Witching Hour #10 - August / September 1970 - DC
Good+ condition. The cover is loose from the bottom staple and
thereare a couple of rips on the cover and a fair few small creases.
There is a pence stamp on the front and for some reason there is
a blob of correction fluid on the third page, luckily it doesn't
affect the story.

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #89 - July 1971 - Marvel
Very Good- condition. There is an ink stain on the back cover top left,
on some of the internal pages and on the front cover top right.
A few light creases, mainly small ones down the spine. 

Showcase #88 - February 1970 - DC
Very Good+ condition. There is a pence stamp on the front cover
and a little bit of creasing.

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