Thursday, 31 January 2013

King Kona Crime Cases!

That actually almost sounds like a comic title!! It's been a while since I posted anything on my collection so now I'll try and be a bit more industrious and a teeny bit more regular...
Three different genres again, crime, humor and fantasy, covering three decades. I like to mix it up a bit!

Kerry Drake Detective Cases # 29 -  December 1951 - Harvey
Titled 'Crime Cases' on the cover just to confuse things a little!
The title ran for 33 issues including the first comic which was issued
the 'A-1 Comics' banner.
King Comics #105 - January 1945 - David McKay Co.
This title ran from 1936 to 1952 and featured such greats as Popeye,
Blondie, the Lone Ranger, Flash Gordon, the Phantom and many other strips.
Sadly my copy is in pretty poor condition, as you can probably tell!
Kona #8 - October 1963 - Dell
Kona lasted for 20 issues plus it's unofficial #1 printed under the 'Four Color' title.
This is another one of those titles I'd never heard of until I saw it
on eBay, so I had to have it!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Marvel Westerns and Humor for eBay.

Three more comic books are now live on eBay, this time, as the post title suggests, they're a couple of Westerns and a humor title. Not Brand Echh is the first comic I've put on eBay from the 1960's. During my latest comic rationalization exercise I decided not to collect humor or funny animal comics from the 1960's which give me a bit more stock to sell and a bit less to buy! If you feel like a bid here's the links: Not Brand Echh 11 , Rawhide Kid 90 and Ringo Kid 9

Not Brand Echh #11 - December 1968
Good Minus condition. The main problems are
a rip at the bottom of the spine and some cup
rings on the front cover.
The title ran for 13 issues in the late 1960's.

Ringo Kid #9 - May 1971.
In Fine Minus condition.
The title ran for 30 issues from January 1970.

Rawhide Kid #90 - 1971
Good condition. Some water rippling and stains.
The title ran for 151 issues starting with Atlas in 1955.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Justice, Justice, Justice!

That's probably the most uninventive post title I've ever come up with! Yes, all the titles this month have 'Justice' in them covering Crime and Super-Hero genres. 

Justice Comics#8 - February 1949 - Marvel Comics
The title lasted 52 issues from late 1947 until early 1955.
This is another example of Timely/ Marvel/Atlas's sometimes-quirky
numbering system. There are two number 8's, the first one actually
being issue 2 and this one the bona-fide issue 8.

Justice Traps the Guilty #69 - December 1954 - Prize Comics
This long running title lasted for 92 issues spanning over 10 years.
Allegedly all the stories were based on real cases. Reading these
stories gives you doubts!  

Justice League of America #20 - June 1963 - DC
The title started way back in 1960 and lasted 27 years finishing
with #261 in 1987.
The early numbers of this title are still surprisingly easy to find in
good condition, a testament to the popularity of the title in
it's first few years.

Monday, 7 January 2013

eBay links!

As promised yesterday, here are the links to my latest eBay auctions. If you're thinking of bidding, good luck and I hope you get a bargain...but not TOO much of a bargain....

Click on the comic title to go to the auction page.

Showcase 88 .... Witching Hour 10 .... Sgt. Fury 89

There's a fair few more comics going up for auction over the next few months, all bronze age and a couple of minor key issues.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Early January Bronze Age eBay Auction.

Finally getting back to normality after the holidays and it's time to get the eBay auctions up and running. This small selection is, for once, Super-Hero-less! They will be listed tomorrow evening for 7 days and as usual I will post anywhere in the world. 
  I'll post links to the listings tomorrow when the auctions go live.

Witching Hour #10 - August / September 1970 - DC
Good+ condition. The cover is loose from the bottom staple and
thereare a couple of rips on the cover and a fair few small creases.
There is a pence stamp on the front and for some reason there is
a blob of correction fluid on the third page, luckily it doesn't
affect the story.

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #89 - July 1971 - Marvel
Very Good- condition. There is an ink stain on the back cover top left,
on some of the internal pages and on the front cover top right.
A few light creases, mainly small ones down the spine. 

Showcase #88 - February 1970 - DC
Very Good+ condition. There is a pence stamp on the front cover
and a little bit of creasing.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Journey Into Palooka!

Happy new year! I haven't managed to post anything over the holidays, way too much to do! Normal service should now be resumed.

Joe Palooka #115 - June 1960 - Harvey
This long running title managed 118 issues from 1945 to 1961.

Journey into Mystery #114 - March 1965 - Marvel
The title ran for 125 issues and introduced Thor into the
Marvel Universe.

Journey into Unknown Worlds # 57 - May 1957 - Atlas
In one of those weird Marvel histories, this title was originally
'Teen Comic'. After the title change the numbering carried on for
the first three issues (#36 - #38). The numbering then restarted at issue 4 and lasted until 1957, finishing with #59.
With two issue #36, 37 and 38's, it can get a bit confusing!