Monday, 28 October 2013

Bronze Age Super-Heroes on eBay October/November 2013

Just a quick post to show some Silver Age comics I've just put on eBay. Auctions finish on November 4th so if you're interested, here's a link to my listings page!

Action Comics 400. Adventure Comics 408, Batman 224
Amazing Spider-Man 135, Avengers 90
Spider-Man 135 has the second full appearance of the Punisher who went on to become one of Marvel's hottest characters in the 1990's. I'm sad to see this go but lack of space and money means it's time to rationalize. Darn it!!
None of these are in great condition, they've been lovingly read many times over the years, sadly they weren't stored all that well! See my eBay listings for grades and other information.
Good luck if you're thinking of bidding. All money raised goes to a good cause. (Me!!) 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Flying Saucers Target Thor!!!

That is one of the best titles I've come up with!

Target Comics Volume 6  #4 - June 1945 - Novelty Press
The series ran for around nine and a half years spanning
virtually all of the 1940's.
I have three comics from this title and they are some of the
best condition 1940's comics I own. 
Thor #158 - November 1968 - Marvel
This issue had the origin of what was one of Marvel's long-
haracters. The title started at #126, it was called
'Journey Into Mystery' for the first 125 issues. Thor lasted into
the late 1990's when lots of Marvel comics were revamped and
started new series from number 1 again.

I love the late 1960's Thors. They had a look about them that was never quite matched by any other comic. 
UFO Flying Saucers #1 - October 1968 - Gold Key
The title was published fairly erratically over seven years,
managing only 13 issues until it changed name to
'UFO & Outer Space' in the late 1970's.
Supposedly based on real stories, it's a fun read, even if you don't
believe UFO's exist!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Early '70's #1s on eBay!

I'm a bit late with this news, but I've listed some comics on eBay which you can find by clicking here!

Included with the latest little batch: 

Bravados #1 - Skywald - 1971/ New Gods #1 - DC - 1971 / House of Mystery #184 - DC - 1970
DC Special #6 - DC - 1970 / Ka-Zar #1 - Marvel - 1970 / Fear #1 - Marvel  - 1970
Astonishing Tales #1 - Marvel - 1970 / Not Brand Echh #1 - Marvel - 1970
Listings are scheduled to finish on Sunday 11th October around 7.00pm (GMT)
I ship worldwide and always give a postage discount on more than one item won. If you're thinking of bidding, thank you and good luck!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tales of Super-Dooper Sub-Mariner!

It's been a long time since I showed any of my collection so here's a little look at a few more!
  There's a couple of 1960's Marvels and a much rarer 'Able Manufacturing Co' comic. It's not actually a rare comic but I'd never seen one before I bought it several years ago and I haven't seen one since. So, at least in the UK, it's very hard to find.

Sub-Mariner #1 - May 1968 - Marvel
A revamp of the 1940's Super Hero, Namor was always a
hero/villain figure, helping beat the bad guys but frequently
kicking the ass of the surface dwellers because of their
disregard for his home, the ocean.
The character didn't really catch on with me but it's always nice
to have a number 1!
Super-Dooper Comics #8 - 1946 - Able Manufacturing Co.
This was a short-lived series totaling 8 issues, all published in 1946.
This issue reprinted a Super Hero story featuring Shock Gibson
along with some original materiel.
The low grade  paper coves of comics like this wear away much more
 easily than the usual glossy paper most comics have.

Tales of Suspense 44 - August 1963 - Marvel
This long running series was the debut comic of many Marvel
characters including Iron Man, the Black Widow and Hawkeye.
This was the 5th appearance of Iron Man, still in his very bulky
gold armor before the much more stylish and practical red/yellow
suit was introduced.
A bit of a fuss was made over the fact Marvel couldn't spell
'Pharaoh' correctly, not only on the cover but throughout the story!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Comics on eBay (at last.....)

Okay, as promised in my last post, (and over a month ago!) I've finally got some comics, along with some books my wife has finished with, onto eBay! If you're interested in bidding you can find my selling page here. As usual I post anywhere in the world and always send items with insurance if shipping outside the UK.
Good luck to anyone thinking of bidding!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bloggers Anonymous

Me: Hello, my name's Brian and I'm a blogger.
Small anonymous crowd: * Hello Brian.*

Me: It's over a month since my last blog.
* Ripple of applause. *

Me: I meant to blog a couple of times a week but things like holidays and work got in the way.
* Quiet snort of derision, cunningly disguised as a sneeze. * 

Me: I know I said I'd put some comics on eBay but I really didn't have the time.
* A few murmurs of 'yeah, right' and much head shaking.  *

Me: I promise I will do the things I said I would do in the very near future.
* Phrases such as: Who are you kidding!? and 'Pull the other one, it's got sausages on it' emanate from the crowd.*

Me: I also promise to blog much more regularly.
* Shouts of 'I'll believe it when I read it!!' and 'Don't make promises you can't keep!' echo around the room. *

Me: Alright then, starting tomorrow, I'll show you....I'll finally list the comics on eBay I said I would about four weeks ago....I promise!!
* Raucous laughter and rolling around on the floor *

Me: Just wait......

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mid-August eBay items.

Heck it's been a month since I last posted anything here! Time flies when you're working your backside off!
  A short post to mention my next small batch of comics that should be listed on eBay either Saturday 17th August or Sunday 18th. Links to the listing will be posted when they go live.

Amazing Adventures #3 - November 1970 - Marvel
Fine condition. Slightly tanned pages are the only problem
with this comic, oh, and a slightly dented bottom spine.
Conan the Barbarian #4 - April 1971 - Marvel
Very Good  condition. Barry-Windsor Smith art. The cover is a
little bit worn front and back and there is a crease in the
middle of the front cover.
Fear #2 - January 1971 - Marvel
Good condition. There are quite a few minor things wrong with
this comic, the main points are a creased front cover, along
with a couple of small rips, a marked and creased back cover
with pencil marks at the top and the spine has started to come away from the pages at the bottom for about 2 centimeters. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Single Strange Planet Adventures!!

Finally, after about a month I managed to post something! I've had a hectic time at work and my Lego blog seems to take up any spare time I seem to have, which ain't a lot!
  Anyway, continuing a browse through my collection I have two science-fiction and a fact comic to show:

Single Series #15 -'How It Began' - 1939 - United Features Syndicate
A run of 28 issues covering all kinds of genres from humor
to adventure to fact.
This is my oldest comic book, and sadly it is in a brittle state!
Strange Adventures #168 - September 1964 - DC
A classic long-running title that started in 1950 and ended in
1973 with issue 244.
This is one of many comics in my collection with the annoying
'Pence Stamp' that a lot of American comics from the sixties and
seventies managed to get on entering the UK market.
Strange Planets #18 - 1964 - Super Comics
Along with 'I.W. Enterprises', Super Comics managed to reprint
many stories from the 1940's, sometimes under the materiel's
original comic book title or in a new one such as this. Contents varied
from history to mystery and classic tales such as Robin Hood.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Death of Agatha Slurl

Something a bit different today! This is one of my all-time favorite comic book stories, plucked from issue 9 of 'Spellbound' published by Atlas comics in November 1952, and presented here panel for panel. I loved the ending which I certainly didn't see coming!

The covers didn't always reflect the story exactly!
Atlas produced many mystery / suspense / horror titles and the stories were sometimes imaginative, sometimes witty or humorous, and sometimes downright weird! All that changed when the Comics Code Authority came into being and stories were toned down just so the comics could continue being  published. This issue was produced after the code came into effect meaning scenes of violence were only implied or omitted altogether. I don't think it spoils the story too much.

Apologies for the inconsistent picture size and the odd weird picture angle!

Enjoy 'The Death of Agatha Slurl' !!

So there you go! It was a liddle biddy dog all along!!

Normal service will be resumed next post!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Silver Shadow Showcase!

For once the post header actually sounds like a Comic Book title!!

Two Super-Hero and a war comic from three publishers. This little lot includes my pride and joy, the rarest comic in my collection! I bought it around 8 years ago for £200, which at the time was around $300 US. Compared to some collections this is nothing, but with my budget, it's a fortune!! I actually bought it from money obtained after the sale of my parents house when they died so I call it my TYMAD comic (Thank You Mom And Dad). If I ever sell all my comics, this will be the one that stays!

Shadow Comics Vol 2 #2 - January 1942 - Street & Smith
The title ran for nearly 100 issues from the early to late 1940's.
The Overstreet Guide says this issue is rare, 10 - 20 copies exist.
I don't know if they know about my copy but  is without a doubt
one of  my most valuable issues! This is my TYMAD comic!

Showcase #58 - September / October 1965 - DC
Showcase started in the mid 1950's and eventually ran for
104 issues
The title was, as it's title implies, a showcase comic for different
characters and ideas. It relaunched many of the silver-age
Super-Heroes and introduced a few new ones to the DC universe.
Silver Surfer #10 - November 1969 - Marvel
A firm fan favorite when it hit the stands in the late 1960's,
the title only ran for 18 issues.
The Silver Surfer found fame in the pages of the Fantastic Four,
first appearing in March 1966.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Early June eBay auction stuff! ** UPDATED ** ☺

I'm finally getting around to listing more stuff on ebay including this small batch of comics. I'll hopefully have them live on Sunday evening (GMT) and will update this post with links to the listings soon after. There's quite a variety here: war, western, super-hero, sci-fi and monsters. As usual I'll ship anywhere in the world and combine postage for more than one item won.

UPDATE: You can see my listings by clicking here!! ☺ If you're thinking of bidding, good luck!

Butch Cassidy #2 - August 1971 - Skywald
Fine Minus condition. A bit of creasing near the spine.
Creatures on the Loose #11 - May 1971 - Marvel
Very Good condition. A few small creases on the covers and
down the spine. Pence stamp on the front.
Ka-Zar #2 - December 1970 - Marvel
Very good Plus condition. A couple of corner knocks and tiny
edge rips on the front along with a pence stamp.
Monsters on the Prowl #10 - April 1971 - Marvel
Very Good condition. A bit of roughness to the top edge and
corners and the back cover is a bit grubby. Pence cover.
New Gods #2 - April 1971 - DC
Good condition. Numerous creases and small rips on the
covers and down the spine. Grubby back with small pen
marks.  Pence stamp on the front.
Sgt. Fury #74 - January 1970 - Marvel
Very Good Minus condition. Some general wear, creasing and
small rips to the front cover.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Red Queen of Science!!!

That's probably one of my better amalgamated titles!
Plowing through the alphabet of my comic collection I realize how few comics I own that start with 'R'! I must remedy that one day! I only have one comic starting with the letter 'Q', and here it is:

Queen of the West, Dale Evans #19 - April to June 1958 - Dell.
The title's run totaled 22 issues, the first two coming under the
'Four Color' banner.
One of the (very) few Cowgirls to get their own comic book!

Red Ryder Comics #110 - September 1952 - Dell.
A 17-year run totaling 151 issues, this was one of Dell's more
popular Western titles.

Science Comics #4 - July 1946 - Humor Publications.
A fact comic series that ran for 5 issues in the mid 1940's
My copy is in a very poor state, the covers have split in two
and the whole thing is falling to bits!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Outlaws, Piracy and Out of This World

Maybe it's the wine I've had this evening but I REALLY can't think of a witty/humorous post title with those three comic book names. Sci-Fi, Pirates and Western themes abound in my next little selection!

First off I would like to shamelessly plug someone's blog and Facebook site.
Karl Dixon is a cartoonist / novelist and all round good guy. To see the stuff Karl can do cartoon and novel-wise, check out his blog, 'Diary of a Cartoonist and Writer' here! He has also set up a Facebook site for all the writers and artists out there that would like to get their work shown to a wider audience. Called 'All Our Own Work' you can check it out here!  Like it, support it and give a chance to loads of talented people who's work might otherwise never see the light of day to the general public. 

Okay, plug over and onto the comic books!

Outlaws vol 1 #2 - April / May 1948 - DS Publishing.
The title ran for 9 issues in the late 1940's.
The series built up a bit of a reputation for violent stories but 

always threw in a humor strip to lighten the mood!
Out of This World #8 - May 1958 - Charlton
The title ran for 16 issues, from the mid to late 1950's.
When I bought this comic, along with #7  in the mid 1990's 
were the oldest comics I'd ever owned. It's amazing how hard it can 
be to find pre-1960 comics in some UK comic shops!
Piracy #2 - December 1954 - January 1955 - EC
Piracy only ran for 7 issues in the mid 1950's.
One of my few EC comics, and the covers of this one are 

unattached to the comic and in two pieces!