Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ideal House of Hot Rods!

Charlton, DC and Timely feature in this small selection with themes of sport, suspense and fact. I can't be accused of not having a varied collection!

Hot Rods and Racing Cars #86 - August 1967 - Charlton.
The title lasted nearly 22 years reaching 120 issues.
My earliest 'Hot Rod' comic book!

House of Secrets #71 - March / April 1965 - DC.
Another title that lasted for 22 years, this time reaching issue 154.
My earliest H.o.S. and my earliest Eclipso appearance.

Ideal #3 - November 1948 - Timely.
The title lasted for 5 issues before becoming 'Love Romances' in
one of those very odd title 'revamps'  that happened in the
1940s to 1950s.
My oldest Timely comic, and in pretty good condition too!!

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