Saturday, 8 December 2012

Headline: Hawkman the Happy Ghost!

Yet another mixed bag of goodies with Super-Hero, Crime and Humor comics.

Hawkman #27 - August/September 1968 - DC
Final issue in a run that spanned over 4 years.
Apart from the 'pence stamp' this has to be one of the best
conditioned sixties comics.

Headline Comics #73 - September/October 1955 - Prize Publications.
A 77-issue run that started in early 1943 and lasted to late 1956.
Another low-grade copy for my collection and one of the very few
'Prize' comics I own.

Homer the Happy Ghost #20 - July 1958 - Atlas
Originally a  22-issue run with Atlas, the title was revived by
Marvel for a 4-issue run in late '69 - mid '70.
One of only two Atlas humor comics I've managed to get!

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