Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ha ha, Green Lantern Planet!

Another small, varied selection today with 3 different genres and 3 different publishers. Super-Hero, Sci-Fi and funny animals from DC, ACG and Charlton make up this little lot. Funny animal comics don't rate very highly in my collecting 'wants' list but Golden Age issues I will still happily get. Firstly you can get some good stories and excellent artwork and secondly they can be much cheaper than the other styles. As long as they're pre-1960, that's more than fine with me!

Green Lantern #15 - September 1962 - DC
This was the second series of the character and ran for 89 issues
from mid 1960 to early 1972 before taking a break and re-staring for
another 115 issues finally finishing in 1986. Less than 4 years later
the third series started.
This comic suffers from a UK import price stamp, as do many of my Silver Age comics!

The Green Planet  - 1962 - Charlton.
Another of Charlton's one-shot 'Special Issues' that peppered the
early - mid 1960's.
Unlike Green Lantern above, this had the UK price printed on the cover
in place of the usual cents price.

Ha Ha Comics # 65 - May 1949 - ACG.
The title ran for 99 issues, becoming 'Teepee Tim' from #100.
 #95 even went as far as sporting a 3-D effect cover.

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