Saturday, 1 December 2012

Gene Autry the Ghost Rider from U.N.C.L.E.!!!

If that title didn't get your attention, nothing will!! There are cowboys and spies in this selection from three different comic book publishers. 

Gene Autry Comics #17 - July 1948 - Dell.
The title had a stuttering start with 2 issues before having 6 more under
the 'Four Color' title. Finally getting it's own title again it lasted for 121
issues from mid-1946 to early 1959.
This is my only Gene Autry comic and sadly it's not in great shape!

Ghost Rider #1 - February 1967 - Marvel.
In the days before Ghost Rider (the flame-headed spirit of vengeance),
there was the Ghost Rider, who was later rebranded as 'Night Rider' to
help stop any confusion!
The poor condition of my copy should be readily apparent!!

The Girl from UNCLE # 1 - 1966 - Gold Key.
This spin-ff from the Man from UNCLE had a short 5-issue run with
photo covers of Stefanie Powers and Noel Harrison.

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