Thursday, 29 November 2012

Yet more Amazing Spider-Man for eBay!

My next little batch of Amazing Spider-Mans to go up for auction on eBay are 103, 105 and 109 from the early 1970's. Details on condition are shown below each picture. They will be on the usual 7-day auction and I will post anywhere in the world. 
   I'm in the process of having another sort through of my collection and have found a few more Bronze Age comics that will probably go on eBay after Christmas. (possibly before if I suddenly need the money!!)
   As usual I will post eBay links when they go live.

#103 - December 1971.
Good Minus condition. Lots of little things wrong with this,
the covers are creased and have a few small rips.
There is an ink stamp on the front cover and the pages are
decidedly off-white. Pence cover.

#105 - February 1972,
Good Minus condition. Pretty much the same as #103 above,
but there is some water rippling and some pen scribbles on the
 back cover. Cents cover.

#109 - June 1972.
Good Minus condition. Not quite as bad as the other two but
still has a fair amount of creasing on the covers. There is also
some pen marks inside, but it doesn't affect the story.
Cents cover.  

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