Thursday, 8 November 2012

The FBI Fighting American Marines!!

Heck, that almost sounds like a nightmare news headline!
This little selection contains war, crime and super-heroes. What more could you want?

The F.B.I. #1 - April 1965 - Dell.
This was a one-off  edition telling the story of the FBI's
early years.

Fighting American #1 - October 1966 - Harvey Comics
This was also a one-shot comic with new stories of a
character from the 1950's.
This was a 'giant' comic, as in more pages and squarebound.

Fightin' Marines #26 - August 1958 - Charlton.
The series ran from the early 1950's to, eventually, 1984.
Like quite a few Charlton comics from the 1950's, this was a
100-page giant comic.

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