Monday, 19 November 2012

Gasp! Four Gang Busters!!

A film adaption, crime and horror make up this selection from my collection. I have a few 'Four Color' series comics and the painted cover issues are among my all-time favorite (despite the inaccuracies in relation to the films!) From films to television with Gang Busters. DC had a small batch of TV related comics in the 1950's which must have sold in enough quantities to keep them going for their relatively long runs. I only have a couple of the TV adaptions, Big Town being the other title. 

Four Color #1120 - 1960 - Dell
Comic adaption of the Universal film 'Dinosaurus!'
My copy is in a sad state!

Gang Busters #63 - April 1958 - DC
This TV adaption ran for 67 issues from late 1947 to early 1959.

Gasp! #1 - March 1967 - ACG
The title ran for 4 issues during 1967 when ACG ceased
publication of all their titles.

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