Monday, 12 November 2012

Forbidden Flash Man!

Seriously, I'm going to carry on with these titles until someone tells me to stop!!
Super-Hero and suspense are the themes this time and includes a 'Mighty Comics Group' comic. This publisher always confused me. The cover says Mighty Comics, the indicia says Radio Comics and the price guide says those two are actually Archie comics.... I suppose it's no more confusing than the 1960's Marvel comics that didn't say Marvel in them!

Flash #150 - February 1965 - DC.
The title was 'Flash Comics' for issues 1 to 104 then became
'Flash' with 105 until the series ended in  1985.
These days issue 150 of almost any title would be a special
all-singing, all-dancing, diamond-encrusted issue with a dozen
variant covers by every new 'hot' artist on the planet.
Not so in the 1960's! 

Fly Man #36 - March 1966 - Mighty Comics.
Fly Man actually only lasted 8 issues from 32 to 39 having
previously been 'Adventures of the Fly' and then becoming
'Mighty Comics' from #40.

Forbidden Worlds #120 - July 1964 - ACG.
One of the more successful titles from 'American Comics Group'.
It ran for 145 issues from mid 1951 to late 1967.
I've always thought that ACG didn't get the recognition
they deserved. They produced a lot of good titles with decent
artwork and stories. Maybe I'm just biased but I think they
knocked the spots off larger companies like Charlton. 

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