Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Giant Devil Detective!!!

I'm going to carry on with these awful titles until somebody actually sends me a message and tells me to stop!
3 more genre-spanning titles this time, war, super-hero and factual, and I love them all! It's just a pity about the general age-related poor quality of the comics.

Dell Giant #27 - Walt Disney's Man in Space - 1959 - Dell
The title ran for 25 issues with funny animal and humor as
it's usual content.
My only Dell Giant comic has seen much better days!

Detective Comics #374 - April 1968 - DC
One of the longest running titles showcasing one of the
earliest super-heroes!
Batman has been my favorite DC character ever since I
dressed up in a Batman costume for charity!

Devil-Dog Dugan #3 - November 1956 - Atlas
This short-run 3-issue series became 'Tales of the
Marines' with #4
My only Atlas war title!

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