Monday, 1 October 2012

Gallant Crime Marvel!

Now that title was really pants!
Another mixed bag of genres here, TV, Super-Hero and Crime. I like to mix it up a bit!
Captain Gallant - 1955 - Charlton
This was a promotional comic that went on to have it's own short run title.
 Based on a TV series starring Buster Crabbe. There are two versions of this comic,
a 'Heinz' version and a non-Heinz. I have the non-Heinz copy.

Captain Marvel #1 - May 1968 - Marvel.
A 62-issue run lasting from 1968 to (eventually, after a couple of stop-starts
in the series run)  1979.
This is my best condition #1 of any title.

Crime Detective Comics Vol 3 #3 - July/August 1952 - Hillman.
The title lasted for 32 issues from early-1948 to mid-1953.
I think this was my first ever crime comic and luckily it was in
pretty good condition.

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