Sunday, 7 October 2012

eBay stuff for October 7th.

A bit short notice but I've decided to list some more bronze age comics tonight. Nothing really special, sadly, and I'm running out of comics very quickly! I may have to have another sort through my collection but most of the stuff I've still got I still want......

Amazing Spider-Man 113 and 114 - October / November 1972
113 is in Very Good condition, no major problems.
114 is graded at Good. The middle pages are loose on the top
staple, there is a rolled spine and an uneven finish to the page
profile on the back. Basically just a gap filler.

Warlock #2 - October 1972
In Very Good condition. There is a few small creases down the
spine and the pages are browning at the top but nothing
horrendously bad!
Click on the picture to get a bigger view. As usual they'll be listed for 7 days and have a low start price, and I ship anywhere in the world. I'll add an update when they're active with links to the listings.

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