Friday, 26 October 2012

Dracula's Drag-Strip Dynamo!!!

I embarrass myself with these title sometimes....
Anyhoo, Super-heroes and racing cars fill this little selection, all from the 1960's, all first issues (effectively) and all from different publishers including the fairly hard to find Tower Comics.

Dracula #2 - November 1966 -  Dell.
This issue was actually the first one, # 1 was a Movie
This is my only Dell Super-hero comic.

Drag-Strip Hotrodders #1 - Summer 1963 - Charlton.
The series reprinted stories from 'Hot Rods and Racing Cars'
and lasted for 16 issues.
I've found it fairly typical of Charlton that the stories rarely
quite lived up to the front covers!

Dynamo #1 - August 1966 - Tower  Comics.
Like all Tower Comics publications, this only has a short run,
in this case 4 issues.
One of only two Tower comics in my possession!

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