Friday, 12 October 2012

Daring Daredevil Adventures!

I've given up trying to stop myself doing these silly titles....

Daredevil #16 - May 1966 - Marvel
In 1998 Daredevil was, sadly,  another of Marvel's long running
title that they decided to revamp and start at number 1 again.
This issue has the first John Romita artwork on Spider-Man,
a combination that was to become a fan favorite for
years to come.
Daredevil #57 - November 1949 - Lev Gleason
The title lasted for 134 issues between 1941 and 1956 with
the prolific Charles Biro at the helm.
My copy is in a very poor state, sadly.
Daring Adventures #15 - 1964 - Super
Reprint specialists Super and IW  had many titles going in
the 1960s. This title lasted 9 issues reprinting  1940s  comic books.

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