Friday, 26 October 2012

Dracula's Drag-Strip Dynamo!!!

I embarrass myself with these title sometimes....
Anyhoo, Super-heroes and racing cars fill this little selection, all from the 1960's, all first issues (effectively) and all from different publishers including the fairly hard to find Tower Comics.

Dracula #2 - November 1966 -  Dell.
This issue was actually the first one, # 1 was a Movie
This is my only Dell Super-hero comic.

Drag-Strip Hotrodders #1 - Summer 1963 - Charlton.
The series reprinted stories from 'Hot Rods and Racing Cars'
and lasted for 16 issues.
I've found it fairly typical of Charlton that the stories rarely
quite lived up to the front covers!

Dynamo #1 - August 1966 - Tower  Comics.
Like all Tower Comics publications, this only has a short run,
in this case 4 issues.
One of only two Tower comics in my possession!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Amazing Spider-Man

I'm pretty much down to my last bronze age comics now, and they're all Amazing Spider-Man so any fans of the character might be able to pick up a bargain in the next couple of weeks. Sadly none of these are in perfect condition, two in mid-grades, one in low, but they could fill a gap or two. Numbers 110, 111 and 112 from mid/late 1972 described below.

#110 - July 1972
Good Minus condition. Covers are detached from the spine
and in
two pieces, they are a bit grubby and have some creasing.
This one's a gap filler for sure! The main body of the comic isn't
too bad otherwise. Pence cover. 
1st appearance of the Gibbon.

#111 - August 1972
Fine Minus condition. This is the best of the bunch, a few small
creases down the spine and some ink staining  on the bottom edge
(Darn those printers!!!) Otherwise a nice copy. Cents cover too!
Kraven appears.

#112 - September 1972
Very Good Minus condition. Covers are a bit ragged and
creased and are starting to get loose on the staples.
Internally it's okay.
Another pence cover.

I'll probably get these on eBay by the end of the week hopefully. As usual I'll ship to anywhere in the world, and I'll post links from here to the listings to make life easier if you feel like bidding. 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Doctor Dick Strange!!

Oooh, now that's a poor effort at a title!

Having had the 'Captains' not too long ago, it's now the turn of the 'Doctors'. All they needed was a doctor in the military and they could have had a Captain Doctor, or would that have been a Doctor Captain....
This will probably be the only selection I show where all the comic books come from the 1960's!

Dick Tracy #143 - December 1960 - Harvey Comics
Harvey was the 3rd publisher of Dick Tracy's exploits, and
was followed by 4 more!
My one and only comic book featuring the famous character.

Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #14 - September 1965 - Gold Key
One of the most popular Gold Key characters. He was revived in 1991 by Valiant.
My favorite Gold Key Super-Hero!

Doctor Strange (1st series) #178 - March 1969 - Marvel
The title was 'Strange Tales' until issue 168 when it became
Doctor Strange ending with # 183.
My first original series Dr. Strange, with the added bonus of the Black Knight.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Giant Devil Detective!!!

I'm going to carry on with these awful titles until somebody actually sends me a message and tells me to stop!
3 more genre-spanning titles this time, war, super-hero and factual, and I love them all! It's just a pity about the general age-related poor quality of the comics.

Dell Giant #27 - Walt Disney's Man in Space - 1959 - Dell
The title ran for 25 issues with funny animal and humor as
it's usual content.
My only Dell Giant comic has seen much better days!

Detective Comics #374 - April 1968 - DC
One of the longest running titles showcasing one of the
earliest super-heroes!
Batman has been my favorite DC character ever since I
dressed up in a Batman costume for charity!

Devil-Dog Dugan #3 - November 1956 - Atlas
This short-run 3-issue series became 'Tales of the
Marines' with #4
My only Atlas war title!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Daring Daredevil Adventures!

I've given up trying to stop myself doing these silly titles....

Daredevil #16 - May 1966 - Marvel
In 1998 Daredevil was, sadly,  another of Marvel's long running
title that they decided to revamp and start at number 1 again.
This issue has the first John Romita artwork on Spider-Man,
a combination that was to become a fan favorite for
years to come.
Daredevil #57 - November 1949 - Lev Gleason
The title lasted for 134 issues between 1941 and 1956 with
the prolific Charles Biro at the helm.
My copy is in a very poor state, sadly.
Daring Adventures #15 - 1964 - Super
Reprint specialists Super and IW  had many titles going in
the 1960s. This title lasted 9 issues reprinting  1940s  comic books.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

eBay links for comics. October 7th.

As promised, here are the ebay links for my listings.  Click here for the Amazing Spider-Man listing and here for the Warlock listing.
If you're thinking of bidding, then good luck and have fun!!

eBay stuff for October 7th.

A bit short notice but I've decided to list some more bronze age comics tonight. Nothing really special, sadly, and I'm running out of comics very quickly! I may have to have another sort through my collection but most of the stuff I've still got I still want......

Amazing Spider-Man 113 and 114 - October / November 1972
113 is in Very Good condition, no major problems.
114 is graded at Good. The middle pages are loose on the top
staple, there is a rolled spine and an uneven finish to the page
profile on the back. Basically just a gap filler.

Warlock #2 - October 1972
In Very Good condition. There is a few small creases down the
spine and the pages are browning at the top but nothing
horrendously bad!
Click on the picture to get a bigger view. As usual they'll be listed for 7 days and have a low start price, and I ship anywhere in the world. I'll add an update when they're active with links to the listings.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Crime Does Not Fight Dan'l Boone!!

A brace of crime comics and a western make up this latest selection.

Crime Does Not Pay #138 - October 1954 - Lev Gleason.
This long running series lasted for 125 issues starting
from #22 in 1942.

Crimefighters #9 - September 1949 - Marvel comics.
Lasting 10 issues the title was resurrected by Atlas for
another 3 issues in the mid 1950's.
Another great photo cover from Marvel before it became Atlas,
 then Marvel again!

Dan'l Boone #2 - October 1955 - Sussex Publishing.
The series ran for 8 issues in the mid 1950's
This is my one and only Sussex Publishing comic book!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Gallant Crime Marvel!

Now that title was really pants!
Another mixed bag of genres here, TV, Super-Hero and Crime. I like to mix it up a bit!
Captain Gallant - 1955 - Charlton
This was a promotional comic that went on to have it's own short run title.
 Based on a TV series starring Buster Crabbe. There are two versions of this comic,
a 'Heinz' version and a non-Heinz. I have the non-Heinz copy.

Captain Marvel #1 - May 1968 - Marvel.
A 62-issue run lasting from 1968 to (eventually, after a couple of stop-starts
in the series run)  1979.
This is my best condition #1 of any title.

Crime Detective Comics Vol 3 #3 - July/August 1952 - Hillman.
The title lasted for 32 issues from early-1948 to mid-1953.
I think this was my first ever crime comic and luckily it was in
pretty good condition.