Saturday, 15 September 2012

Black and Blue Boy!

Nope, no improvement in the titles....
There is a mixture from three different decades in this lot. Oddly enough the conditions of the comics get better as they get older!
Blackhawk # 153 - October 1960 - DC
The title started as 'Uncle Sam' for issues 1 to 8 then became 'Blackhawk'
with #9 in 1944. The title lasted  from the Golden age right into the
Modern age finally ending in 1984.
This is the oldest issue of Blackhawk I have.

Blue Bolt Vol.7 #8 - January 1947 - Novelty Press.
The title went through four different publishers during it's run from
June 1940 to May/June 1953. First published by  Funnies Inc. then Novelty Press,
Premium Group and ending with Star Publications.
I managed to get a run of three issues on three separate occasions from eBay,
otherwise they are quite hard to find.

Boy Illustories #79 - July 1952 - Lev Gleason.
The title started at the height of World War 2 and ended 117 issues later
 in March 1956.
Sadly the cover of my copy is detached from the comic. Featuring a cover by
the great (and prolific) Charles Biro

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