Friday, 28 September 2012

America Action Kids!!!

Okay, another dodgy title...

All of today's selection have the word 'Captain' in the title. I always wondered why so many characters were at the rank of Captain with only the odd Lieutenant or Colonel in there. Personally though I probably wouldn't have bought a comic entitled something like 'Field Marshall Britain and his Wheelchair Raiders' !

Captain Action #1 - October/November 1968 - DC
This 5 - issue series included a short appearance by Superman
and was based on a toy. 

Captain America #106 - October 1968 - Marvel
Cap is one of a small number of heroes who spung up in the Golden age, were revived in the Silver age and lasted through to the present day.
This is my earliest Captain America comic.

The Captain and the Kids #21 - 1951 - United Features Syndicate
The title lasted 32 issues from 1947 to 1955.
This was one of the first comics I bought from a shop in New York
while on holiday many years ago!

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