Sunday, 2 September 2012

A1 Atomic Animals!

This batch contains only 'humor' and 'funny animals' comic books. I don't usually collect them, but some are just a bit special!

Animal Antics #10, 11 and 12. - 1947/48 - DC
The series had a run of 23 issues in the late 1940s then changed it's
name to 'Movietown Animal Antics'
I bought these on auction from America. They are part of the huge
'Crippen Collection' also known as the 'D Copy' collection because of
the letters and numbers the original collector wrote on the front cover.
Although they are in poor condition, they are part of a pedigree that is
famous throughout the comic world which adds to their value.

A-1 #3 - 1946 - Magazine Enterprises.
Starting in 1944 the series ran for 11 years ending with issue 139.
Although this is #3, there was no issue #2, so technically this is the
second issue, just to be a bit confusing!

Atomic Rabbit #11 - March 1958 - Charlton.
The title ran for 11 issues then became 'Atomic Bunny'....of course.
I got this comic book many years ago when I was trying to
collect everything. So though it's not what I look for now I am
keeping it because of it's age, and it's a final issue!

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