Friday, 28 September 2012

America Action Kids!!!

Okay, another dodgy title...

All of today's selection have the word 'Captain' in the title. I always wondered why so many characters were at the rank of Captain with only the odd Lieutenant or Colonel in there. Personally though I probably wouldn't have bought a comic entitled something like 'Field Marshall Britain and his Wheelchair Raiders' !

Captain Action #1 - October/November 1968 - DC
This 5 - issue series included a short appearance by Superman
and was based on a toy. 

Captain America #106 - October 1968 - Marvel
Cap is one of a small number of heroes who spung up in the Golden age, were revived in the Silver age and lasted through to the present day.
This is my earliest Captain America comic.

The Captain and the Kids #21 - 1951 - United Features Syndicate
The title lasted 32 issues from 1947 to 1955.
This was one of the first comics I bought from a shop in New York
while on holiday many years ago!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Link to late September eBay listings

As promised, below is a link to my eBay listings. It lands on the Ghost Rider auction but I'm pretty sure you can find the rest from there! 
eBay listing link.

I've been rummaging around in my attic and came across a couple of boxes of Valiant comics from the early 1990's. Searching through them (bringing back lots of memories) I realise I'd forgotten how good they were. When I've finished going through them I'll post a few gems here.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Late September eBay Bronze Age Listings!

I am seriously, rapidly running out of bronze age comics to put on eBay! My next offerings will be listed on Wednesday evening (GMT) and consist of more Captain Marvels, more Ghost Riders and another Amazing Spider-Man. I will add a link from my blog to the listings if anybody is interested. All listings will have a start price of 99 pence and will be on for 7 days. 

Amazing Spider-Man 114 - November 1972.
Good Minus condition. Pretty much just a gap filler. It has a rolled spine making the profile of the pages uneven. There is what seems to be a flattened out subscription crease down the middle of the comic. The middle page is loose on the top staple. It has a pence cover

Captain Marvel 22 to 25 - September 1972 to March 1973.
22 is in Fine Minus condition, the others are around Very Good.
23 has a bit of a rough spine and some writing in pencil on the
back cover. 24 has a rather large white spine and, again, some
pencil marks on the back cover (wasn't me!!) 25 has some small rips and some creasing on the front cover. 26 is a pence cover, the others are cents.

Ghost Rider 7, 9 and 10 - August 1974 to February 1975.
Conditions range from Very Good to Fine.  7 has a roughish
spine and is a bit grubby.  8 has a few light, shallow creases.
All are pence covers.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Broncho Bill Meets Buzzy!

Errrm, 4 out of 10 for the title!

All different genres today, romance, western and humor. All were bought a few years ago by mail order and all were in a poorer condition (in my opinion) than they were stated to be. That's the pitfall of not being able to see before you buy!

Boy Meets Girl #9 - March 1951 - Lev Gleason
The title lasted for 24 issues before it changed name to
'Boy Loves Girl' in 1952.
Compared to other genres romances are still quite cheap to buy.

Broncho Bill #10 - March 1949 - Visual Editions
The title started out as a couple of stand alone issues in the
'Single Series' run, starting it's own title with #5, for some reason,
 finishing in late 1949 with issue #16.
This was a mail order comic whose stated grade was the furthest
away from reality!

Buzzy #21 - September / October 1948 - DC
Lasting from the mid 1940s to the late 1950s it totaled 77 issues in it's run.
Before the advent of the internet I always found it almost impossibly hard
to find any of this title anywhere! 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Black and Blue Boy!

Nope, no improvement in the titles....
There is a mixture from three different decades in this lot. Oddly enough the conditions of the comics get better as they get older!
Blackhawk # 153 - October 1960 - DC
The title started as 'Uncle Sam' for issues 1 to 8 then became 'Blackhawk'
with #9 in 1944. The title lasted  from the Golden age right into the
Modern age finally ending in 1984.
This is the oldest issue of Blackhawk I have.

Blue Bolt Vol.7 #8 - January 1947 - Novelty Press.
The title went through four different publishers during it's run from
June 1940 to May/June 1953. First published by  Funnies Inc. then Novelty Press,
Premium Group and ending with Star Publications.
I managed to get a run of three issues on three separate occasions from eBay,
otherwise they are quite hard to find.

Boy Illustories #79 - July 1952 - Lev Gleason.
The title started at the height of World War 2 and ended 117 issues later
 in March 1956.
Sadly the cover of my copy is detached from the comic. Featuring a cover by
the great (and prolific) Charles Biro

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Black Bat Fury!!

Okay, back to the silly titles....
Today's lot are all Western themed with lots of guns and fighting, and that's just the horses!

Bat Masterson #3 - May to July 1960 - Dell.
Adapted from the television series, this title had an 8 issue
run (not counting  Four Color 1013, the official #1)
I love these old TV photo-cover comics, most of which showed
screen shots or publicity stills.

Black Diamond Western # 38 - September 1952 - Lev Gleason.
The title started out as 'Desperado' until issue 9 when it became
Black Diamond Western which ran until issue #60 in the
 mid-late 1950s.

Black Fury #2 - July 1955 - Charlton.
Black Fury ran for 57 issues from the mid 1950s to the mid 1960s

Monday, 10 September 2012

Bronze age comics on eBay

I've listed a few bronze age comics on eBay, you can check them out here: Amazing Spider-ManCaptain Marvel and Ghost Rider.  (Pictures below) Most of them are in Very Good to Fine condition but most have the British 'Pence' price on them.  The auctions start at 50 pence so somebody could be in for a bargain! I post anywhere in the world and always dispatch within 3 working days. Hopefully if I can sort out a few more I'll start some more auctions next week.

Ghost Rider #11 to #15

Captain Marvel #26 to #30

Amazing Spider-Man #115

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Batman Attacks Avengers!!

Attack #54 - 1958 - Charlton.
This was the first series from Charlton called 'Attack' , starting at issue 54
and finishing with 60.
I have a few squarebound Charlton war comics with this being one of the
first I bought. Very gung-ho!!

Avengers #57 - October 1968 - Marvel.
This long-running Super-Hero group started the same time as the X-Men but were almost always overshadowed by the mutants! This issue was the first appearance of the Vision.
One of my all-time favorite Avengers covers!

Batman #127 - October 1959 - DC.
Thor in a Batman comic! Marvel's Thor wasn't around at this time, otherwise there
could have been trouble!
This is my earliest Batman comic book.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A1 Atomic Animals!

This batch contains only 'humor' and 'funny animals' comic books. I don't usually collect them, but some are just a bit special!

Animal Antics #10, 11 and 12. - 1947/48 - DC
The series had a run of 23 issues in the late 1940s then changed it's
name to 'Movietown Animal Antics'
I bought these on auction from America. They are part of the huge
'Crippen Collection' also known as the 'D Copy' collection because of
the letters and numbers the original collector wrote on the front cover.
Although they are in poor condition, they are part of a pedigree that is
famous throughout the comic world which adds to their value.

A-1 #3 - 1946 - Magazine Enterprises.
Starting in 1944 the series ran for 11 years ending with issue 139.
Although this is #3, there was no issue #2, so technically this is the
second issue, just to be a bit confusing!

Atomic Rabbit #11 - March 1958 - Charlton.
The title ran for 11 issues then became 'Atomic Bunny'....of course.
I got this comic book many years ago when I was trying to
collect everything. So though it's not what I look for now I am
keeping it because of it's age, and it's a final issue!