Sunday, 19 August 2012

Back to 'A' - More Comic Covers

Having whizzed through the alphabet with the first selections I shall return to 'A' and take a more in-depth tour of my collection. I may accidentally select comics I've already shown, but it would probably be worth it!! I used to own 'Abbott and Costello' #18 (Charlton) - my first comic book alphabetically, but since I've been slowly purging my collection of 1970's stuff it had to go and now my first comic is 'Ace Comics' #67 After that I have a few late 1960's Action Comics so I'm already missing masses of stuff from what would be my ideal collection!

Ace Comics #67 - October 1942 - David McKay Co.
Not usually the type of comic I go for, but with contents including: The Phantom,
Jungle Jim and Tim Tyler, I think it's worth it!

Action Comics #332 - January 1966 - DC
My earliest Action Comics. I aim to get earlier issues before the year is out!

Action Comics #359 - February 1968 - DC
One of my favorite DC covers.

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