Friday, 3 August 2012

August 3rd 2012 - My collection part 9

Welcome to my next sampling of the pick of my collection.

Some classic Atlas fantasy, my first 1950's comic and the rarest comic I own are in this little lot!

Mystery Tales #26 - Atlas - February 1955 - From the  'golden age'  of Atlas
Comics. This is my favorite genre of comic books.

Out of this World #7 - Charlton - February 1958 - The first 1950's comic book
I owned. I believe this was also my first Steve Ditko cover.

Shadow Comics Volume 2 #2 - Street and Smith - January 1942 - The Overstreet
guide classes this comic as 'rare', Their definition of rare is ' 10 to 20 comics
estimated to exist '  Wow! The thought there might only be me and a couple of
dozen other people in the world with this comic is quite sobering! The
condition is not great but it is still one of my most valuable comic books.

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