Wednesday, 1 August 2012

August 1st 2012 - My collection part 8

Just a few more of my favorite comics from my collection.

Mr District Attorney #67 - DC - January to February 1959
Final issue. In itself this is nothing special but it does serve to illustrate one
of my collecting foibles. I always tend to collect a title from the last issue and
work towards the first. My (possibly mentally suspect) reason is that I find the
earlier issues more interesting and exciting simply because they're closer to the #1.
That means the next issue I buy will be of more interest to me than the last one.
Make sense?

More Fun Comics #109 - DC - April 1946
For a long time this was the oldest comic book I owned. I'm not normally a humor
 title fan but I always make exceptions, especially when they're 1940's or 50's comics!

My Own Romance #68 - Atlas - March 1959
The first romance comic book I ever had. It was also my first Atlas comic,
though I didn't realize that when I bought it. It's strange to see the difference
between the UK and US markets. In the UK most romance comics can be
found cheaply, even the golden age ones,  way below the prices they realize in
the USA. Great for me!

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