Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A few more Golden Age oldies.

This little selection has come into my posession from three different sources, eBay, catalogue and comic mart. Each way have their own pros and cons. eBay has the convenience but you only have the sellers description to go by. At comic marts you get to see exactly what you're buying but you have to physically get there. Catalogues are pretty much like eBay if you can pay online, if not then you have to send the money, wait for them to recieve it and wait again for the comics to arrive and only then see what you've bought. I used to buy a lot by catalogue, but it's so easy online I now prefer that method. I haven't been to a mart for years but I always remember the excitement of not knowing what to find and be able to have it instantly in my posession. I really must go to one again.....

Target Comics Vol 6 #4 - June 1945 - Novelty Press
Probably the comic in the best condition I've ever had from eBay!

Uncanny Tales #44 - June 1956 - Atlas
The type of comic book I always look for in comic marts. I've managed to build
up quite a collection that way (usually expensively!!)

Web of Evil #16 - July 1954 - Comic Magazines
One of the last comics I bought from a catalogue. It took a long time to arrive
and was in quite a poor condition.

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