Thursday, 26 July 2012

Yet more of my comics!

Today's little selection is almost as diverse as you can get which is something else I love about them, no matter what your interest, there's something there for you! (Heck, I've even got a comic book about stamp collecting!!)

Flying Saucers #1 - Dell - April 1967 - One of only two UFO comics I have.

Four Color #293 'The Brownies' - Dell - September? 1950 - Sadly in a very poor state.

The Hawk #10 - St. John Publishing  - January 1955 - My latest Western themed purchase.
One day I'm going to try and value my collection. I've graded them in accordance to the Overstreet guide, but the values are a bit awkward. Obviously the Overstreet guide is in US Dollars, and I'm in the UK, so do I do an approximate exchange rate value, or set it at a certain level no matter what the rates are doing? I've found one website giving UK values but only for the mainstream comics, not some of the weird and wonderful comic books I own!

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