Monday, 30 July 2012

Some 1940's comics.

My latest offerings include one of my oldest 'Marvel' comics and one of my oldest #1's. These are some of my oldest comics, I only have a small selection from the 1940's and most are in poor to fair condition. Limited expendable income means if I want these early gems I've either got to save up for a long time and get maybe one or two comics in a decent condition or get the poorer condition ones and have more of them. I tend to go for the latter and get as many as possible!

Ka'a'nga Comics #1 - Fiction House - Spring 1949 -  Bought by my wife for
my birthday a few years ago so this is something special for me!

Lawbreakers Always Lose #9 - Marvel - August 1949 - From the days before
Marvel became Atlas that became Marvel! Love those old photo covers!

Master Comics #90 - Fawcett - April 1948 - My one and only Captain Marvel
Junior appearance. Sadly the comic book is extremely brittle.

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