Sunday, 22 July 2012

More of my favorites!

Some more of my best, favorite or most important comics!
Avengers #1 - Marvel  - September 1963

What can I say about Avengers #1? Major silver age key issue. Sadly my copy is tatty and just about holding together. It also has a '9d' cover, no month under the issue number and the Thorpe and Porter distributor wording in the indicia. This is the British import version (which in every other way is exactly the same as the cents version.)

Black Cat Mystery #51 - Home Comics Inc - August 1954

I love these old pre-code horror comics, always coming up with interesting and novel ways to shock the reader. Again my copy is tatty and a touch fragile with a few chunks missing from the back cover.

Captain Midnight #21 - Fawcett - June 1944

I find it kind of satisfying to have a comic that would now belong firmly in the 'politically incorrect' category!
Captain Midnight fights those darned naughty Japanese people!!! Loose middle pages downgrade my copy to Good+

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