Saturday, 21 July 2012

More of my favorite comics

My picks for today are favorites of mine for different reasons, as explained below each picture.
I remember when I first started collecting comics I could go to a car boot sale (or garage sale as i believe you say in America!) and find bunches of comics for a few pennies each and find some real gems. Now it seems almost everybody is too aware of the potential value of their comics and hike up the prices so hardly anyone bothers to buy them. Personally I'd rather buy several fair conditioned comics of virtually no importance for a few Pounds (UK Pound Sterling that is) than one or two at what the seller thinks is the 'going rate'. About 15 years ago I found a car boot seller with probably a thousand sixties and early seventies comics and wanted 100 GBP for the lot. I only had 20 GBP so had around 200 comics from the guy. Heaven! There were loads of Marvels and DC's  with some minor key issues, all in Good to Fine condition. I have never seen an offer like that since and I probably never will. Sellers seem to want 2 to 5 GBP for utterly unimportant early  1990's - 2000's that will never sell.
I still dream of finding a hoard of comics either on a sale or a forgotten stash in friend's house. 15 years and I'm still waiting!
Adventure Comics 299 - my first purchase on holiday in New York

Adventure into Mystery #6 - my first ever Atlas comic
Amazing Spider-Man 75.
One of the most emotive Spider-Man covers ever!

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