Friday, 20 July 2012


Hi! I've been a comic collector for many years. The hobby has to vie for time/money/space with my other hobby - Lego!
I collect American comic books, the older the better! I used to collect any and every comic going, spending hundreds of Pounds (that's UK pounds) at comic marts and shops all over the country. I soon realized there was noooooo way I could ever get the kind of collection I wanted by having such a broad area to go for. I rationalized my expectations and collection and decided to go for anything pre-1980. After a year or so I redefined my collection again, this time concentrating on anything pre-1970, mainly Super-hero, fantasy and science fiction. Along the way I also found room for war, western, romance and funny animal issues.
There's so many comics out there it would be impossible to get even a small percentage of them. I could always concentrate my time and effort on completing a certain title but I just don't like the thought of missing out on any other stuff I might happen to find.
Anyway I'll hopefully regularly add posts showing some of my favorite comics and latest purchases and hopefully it might be of interest to someone!

Strange Worlds #9 - Avon  - November 1952 - sadly falling to bits!!

Idaho #2 - Dell - September 1963 - For some reason one of my favorite covers

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