Monday, 30 July 2012

Some 1940's comics.

My latest offerings include one of my oldest 'Marvel' comics and one of my oldest #1's. These are some of my oldest comics, I only have a small selection from the 1940's and most are in poor to fair condition. Limited expendable income means if I want these early gems I've either got to save up for a long time and get maybe one or two comics in a decent condition or get the poorer condition ones and have more of them. I tend to go for the latter and get as many as possible!

Ka'a'nga Comics #1 - Fiction House - Spring 1949 -  Bought by my wife for
my birthday a few years ago so this is something special for me!

Lawbreakers Always Lose #9 - Marvel - August 1949 - From the days before
Marvel became Atlas that became Marvel! Love those old photo covers!

Master Comics #90 - Fawcett - April 1948 - My one and only Captain Marvel
Junior appearance. Sadly the comic book is extremely brittle.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Even yet more of my comics!!

I'm gonna run out of comics to show soon!! I'll have to think of more interesting things to write about! Anybody out there want to share their favorite comic on my blog?

Today's little selection is almost as diverse as my last post, one of my few 'fact' comics and a rather special one (apparently!) More in the descriptions....

Heroic Comics #37 - Eastern Color Printing - July 1946 - One of the oldest
comics I own, and in the best condition!

Impact #1 - E.C. - March to April 1955 - My only EC #1, pity it's in quite a
brittle state.

Jumbo Comics #124 - Fiction House - June 1949 - Unknown to me when I bought
this, it came with a certificate that reads: 'This certifies that the enclosed comic
book has appeared as a published photograph in the following book by
Mike Benton: Comic Book in America - page 119'
Signed by the author. Does anyone have the book? I can't seem to get my
hands on one and I'd love to see it!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Yet more of my comics!

Today's little selection is almost as diverse as you can get which is something else I love about them, no matter what your interest, there's something there for you! (Heck, I've even got a comic book about stamp collecting!!)

Flying Saucers #1 - Dell - April 1967 - One of only two UFO comics I have.

Four Color #293 'The Brownies' - Dell - September? 1950 - Sadly in a very poor state.

The Hawk #10 - St. John Publishing  - January 1955 - My latest Western themed purchase.
One day I'm going to try and value my collection. I've graded them in accordance to the Overstreet guide, but the values are a bit awkward. Obviously the Overstreet guide is in US Dollars, and I'm in the UK, so do I do an approximate exchange rate value, or set it at a certain level no matter what the rates are doing? I've found one website giving UK values but only for the mainstream comics, not some of the weird and wonderful comic books I own!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Some more of my comics!

Another small selection from my slowly-growing collection!

Crime Detective Comics Vol 3 #3 - Hillman Publications -  July - August 1952
I really like the look of these '50's crime comics, almost all the bad guys wore suits, ties and hats and looked like respectable citizens! This is my only Hillman comics to date.

Devil-Dog Dugan #3 - Atlas - November 1956
My one and only Atlas war comic.
Fight for Freedom  - General Comics - 1951
One of only two promotional comics I own. I was surprised how many of these were in circulation, and there was me thinking I had a rare comic!!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

More of my favorites!

Some more of my best, favorite or most important comics!
Avengers #1 - Marvel  - September 1963

What can I say about Avengers #1? Major silver age key issue. Sadly my copy is tatty and just about holding together. It also has a '9d' cover, no month under the issue number and the Thorpe and Porter distributor wording in the indicia. This is the British import version (which in every other way is exactly the same as the cents version.)

Black Cat Mystery #51 - Home Comics Inc - August 1954

I love these old pre-code horror comics, always coming up with interesting and novel ways to shock the reader. Again my copy is tatty and a touch fragile with a few chunks missing from the back cover.

Captain Midnight #21 - Fawcett - June 1944

I find it kind of satisfying to have a comic that would now belong firmly in the 'politically incorrect' category!
Captain Midnight fights those darned naughty Japanese people!!! Loose middle pages downgrade my copy to Good+

Saturday, 21 July 2012

More of my favorite comics

My picks for today are favorites of mine for different reasons, as explained below each picture.
I remember when I first started collecting comics I could go to a car boot sale (or garage sale as i believe you say in America!) and find bunches of comics for a few pennies each and find some real gems. Now it seems almost everybody is too aware of the potential value of their comics and hike up the prices so hardly anyone bothers to buy them. Personally I'd rather buy several fair conditioned comics of virtually no importance for a few Pounds (UK Pound Sterling that is) than one or two at what the seller thinks is the 'going rate'. About 15 years ago I found a car boot seller with probably a thousand sixties and early seventies comics and wanted 100 GBP for the lot. I only had 20 GBP so had around 200 comics from the guy. Heaven! There were loads of Marvels and DC's  with some minor key issues, all in Good to Fine condition. I have never seen an offer like that since and I probably never will. Sellers seem to want 2 to 5 GBP for utterly unimportant early  1990's - 2000's that will never sell.
I still dream of finding a hoard of comics either on a sale or a forgotten stash in friend's house. 15 years and I'm still waiting!
Adventure Comics 299 - my first purchase on holiday in New York

Adventure into Mystery #6 - my first ever Atlas comic
Amazing Spider-Man 75.
One of the most emotive Spider-Man covers ever!

Friday, 20 July 2012


Hi! I've been a comic collector for many years. The hobby has to vie for time/money/space with my other hobby - Lego!
I collect American comic books, the older the better! I used to collect any and every comic going, spending hundreds of Pounds (that's UK pounds) at comic marts and shops all over the country. I soon realized there was noooooo way I could ever get the kind of collection I wanted by having such a broad area to go for. I rationalized my expectations and collection and decided to go for anything pre-1980. After a year or so I redefined my collection again, this time concentrating on anything pre-1970, mainly Super-hero, fantasy and science fiction. Along the way I also found room for war, western, romance and funny animal issues.
There's so many comics out there it would be impossible to get even a small percentage of them. I could always concentrate my time and effort on completing a certain title but I just don't like the thought of missing out on any other stuff I might happen to find.
Anyway I'll hopefully regularly add posts showing some of my favorite comics and latest purchases and hopefully it might be of interest to someone!

Strange Worlds #9 - Avon  - November 1952 - sadly falling to bits!!

Idaho #2 - Dell - September 1963 - For some reason one of my favorite covers