Monday, 26 May 2014

eBay listings for 27th and 28th May 2014.

I've finally got round to sorting out my next batch of comics going for auction on eBay. The first few comics from my collection dated from 1967 are now making their way into the listings to make things a bit more interesting! Below are a few of the highlights.

I will be listing them on Tuesday and Wednesday for five days. The starting price always reflects the condition of the comic and I always try to describe the faults as comprehensively as I can so the buyer shouldn't be disappointed. 
Any questions can be asked here or on eBay, I will always reply! I will update this post with a link to the listings when they go live.
If you're thinking of bidding, good luck!

Action Comics #359 - February 1968 - DC
One of my favorite Action Comics covers from the 1960's
Amazing Spider-Man #77 - October 1969 - Marvel
Spidey and the Human Torch, one of the best recurring
team-ups ever!
Daniel Boone #9 - May 1967 - Gold Key
One of those great 1960's photo covers!
The Ghost Rider #7 - November 1967 - Marvel
Before Ghost Rider there was THE Ghost Rider. The Western hero
who was renamed 'Night Rider' when Marvel decided to re-use the
name for a Super-Hero.
The Peacemaker #5 - November 1967 - Charlton.
One of those short-lived 1960's heroes that nobody hears of
T.H.E. Cat # 1 - March 1967 - Dell.
I have to admit I had to look this one up!
'Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat' (Robert Loggia) bad guy turned good.
The comic book series only ran for 4 issues,
the TV series managed 26 episodes!

Also selling will be:

Adventures of Bob Hope #109 - DC - Final issue
Amazing Spider-Man #76, 78 and 79 - Marvel
Avengers #62 - Marvel
Captain Marvel #12 and 20 - Marvel
Captain Savage #3 - Marvel
Captain Storm #17 - DC
Daredevil #33 - Marvel
Detective Comics #374 and 375 - DC
Fantastic Four #74 - Marvel
Fantasy Masterpieces #10 - Marvel
Herbie #23 - American Comics Group - Final issue
Kid Colt, Outlaw #135 - Marvel
Marvel Super-Heroes #13 - Marvel
Mighty Comics #47 - Radio Comics
Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #9 - Marvel
Plastic Man #5 - DC
Secret Six #2 - DC
Sgt. Fury # 47 - Marvel
Showcase #66 - DC - featuring B'wana Beast, no I've never heard of him                                       either!! 
Silver Surfer #9 - Marvel
Strange Adventures #204 - DC 
Sub-Mariner #9 - Marvel
Superman #208 - DC
Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #107 - DC
Tales of Suspense #93 - Marvel
Thor #148 and 154 - Marvel
Thunderbolt #60 - Charlton - Final issue.
Tomahawk #113 - DC
Wonder Woman #172 - DC
If you can't find anything in that lot that interests you, you're probably not a comic book fan!!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Original art from Monica Castillo

I haven't blogged here for quite a while so a post is long overdue!

This post isn't about comics but stays with art. Recently I received a beautiful gift from Monica Castillo in sunny Barcelona, a picture called 'Hello Spring'.

I love her style and the colors are much more vibrant than this photograph shows. There's a lot of detail along with some very fine line work and the colors blend beautifully!

Monica is multi-talented, not only does she create great pictures she is also a superb miniaturist, making tiny furniture and food that really does look good enough to eat! Monica has a blog where she shows all her latest work, you can see it here! It's well worth a look!

If you like what you see Monica also sells her lovely miniature creations too! You can find her shop here!

Thank you so much Monica, it's a wonderful gift!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Coming soon to an eBay listing near you...

I've been neglecting this blog for far too long! It's my old excuse of being too busy with everything else to post regularly here. But the time has come to get some info out to those interested in my collection, because a huge amount of it will be going for sale on eBay over the next several months including a lot of 1960's stuff as well as a few from as far back as the 1950's.
   The main reasons are a lack of time to enjoy these artistic treasures and a lack of space to store them. 

   I am still currently listing early 1970's comics, mainly Marvel and DC, and will slowly work my way back in time to get to the more interesting stuff later in the year. Here's an idea of some of the titles that will be for sale in the coming months, most are from the mid to late 1960's:

Action Comics                   Hawkman
Adventure Comics              Incredible Hulk
Amazing Spider-Man           Journey Into Mystery (1st series)
Aquaman                          Justice League of America
Avengers                          Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos
Batman                            Showcase
Captain America                Silver Surfer
Captain Marvel                  Sub-Mariner
Daredevil                          Superman
Detective Comics               Tales of Suspense
Fantastic Four                   Tales to Astonish
Flash                               Thor
Green Lantern                   Wonder Woman

and many lesser titles covering genres such as Humor, War, Western, Romance, and a few TV tie-ins.

Selling this little lot should clear a bit of shelf space!

   More detailed information will be posted nearer to the eBay listing dates.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Bronze Age Super-Heroes on eBay October/November 2013

Just a quick post to show some Silver Age comics I've just put on eBay. Auctions finish on November 4th so if you're interested, here's a link to my listings page!

Action Comics 400. Adventure Comics 408, Batman 224
Amazing Spider-Man 135, Avengers 90
Spider-Man 135 has the second full appearance of the Punisher who went on to become one of Marvel's hottest characters in the 1990's. I'm sad to see this go but lack of space and money means it's time to rationalize. Darn it!!
None of these are in great condition, they've been lovingly read many times over the years, sadly they weren't stored all that well! See my eBay listings for grades and other information.
Good luck if you're thinking of bidding. All money raised goes to a good cause. (Me!!) 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Flying Saucers Target Thor!!!

That is one of the best titles I've come up with!

Target Comics Volume 6  #4 - June 1945 - Novelty Press
The series ran for around nine and a half years spanning
virtually all of the 1940's.
I have three comics from this title and they are some of the
best condition 1940's comics I own. 
Thor #158 - November 1968 - Marvel
This issue had the origin of what was one of Marvel's long-
haracters. The title started at #126, it was called
'Journey Into Mystery' for the first 125 issues. Thor lasted into
the late 1990's when lots of Marvel comics were revamped and
started new series from number 1 again.

I love the late 1960's Thors. They had a look about them that was never quite matched by any other comic. 
UFO Flying Saucers #1 - October 1968 - Gold Key
The title was published fairly erratically over seven years,
managing only 13 issues until it changed name to
'UFO & Outer Space' in the late 1970's.
Supposedly based on real stories, it's a fun read, even if you don't
believe UFO's exist!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Early '70's #1s on eBay!

I'm a bit late with this news, but I've listed some comics on eBay which you can find by clicking here!

Included with the latest little batch: 

Bravados #1 - Skywald - 1971/ New Gods #1 - DC - 1971 / House of Mystery #184 - DC - 1970
DC Special #6 - DC - 1970 / Ka-Zar #1 - Marvel - 1970 / Fear #1 - Marvel  - 1970
Astonishing Tales #1 - Marvel - 1970 / Not Brand Echh #1 - Marvel - 1970
Listings are scheduled to finish on Sunday 11th October around 7.00pm (GMT)
I ship worldwide and always give a postage discount on more than one item won. If you're thinking of bidding, thank you and good luck!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tales of Super-Dooper Sub-Mariner!

It's been a long time since I showed any of my collection so here's a little look at a few more!
  There's a couple of 1960's Marvels and a much rarer 'Able Manufacturing Co' comic. It's not actually a rare comic but I'd never seen one before I bought it several years ago and I haven't seen one since. So, at least in the UK, it's very hard to find.

Sub-Mariner #1 - May 1968 - Marvel
A revamp of the 1940's Super Hero, Namor was always a
hero/villain figure, helping beat the bad guys but frequently
kicking the ass of the surface dwellers because of their
disregard for his home, the ocean.
The character didn't really catch on with me but it's always nice
to have a number 1!
Super-Dooper Comics #8 - 1946 - Able Manufacturing Co.
This was a short-lived series totaling 8 issues, all published in 1946.
This issue reprinted a Super Hero story featuring Shock Gibson
along with some original materiel.
The low grade  paper coves of comics like this wear away much more
 easily than the usual glossy paper most comics have.

Tales of Suspense 44 - August 1963 - Marvel
This long running series was the debut comic of many Marvel
characters including Iron Man, the Black Widow and Hawkeye.
This was the 5th appearance of Iron Man, still in his very bulky
gold armor before the much more stylish and practical red/yellow
suit was introduced.
A bit of a fuss was made over the fact Marvel couldn't spell
'Pharaoh' correctly, not only on the cover but throughout the story!